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فيديو: مصر تعقم الاهرامات خوفاً من كورونا

شاهد: مصر تقوم بتعقيم أهرامات الجيزة خوفاً من فيروس كورونا

فيديو معهد بروكنجز عن حلقة نقاشية عن مستقبل مصر بعد الثورة

فيديو احمد ابو بكر عن تأسيس حزب في مصر – واشنطن جورج تاون

“Establishing a New Political Party in Egypt: A First Hand Account” with Ahmed Abou-bakr from ACMCU on Vimeo. On February 13, 2012 Dr. Abou-bakr spoke about he and his wife’s (actress Tayseer Fahmy) experiences as protestors during the revolution, Tayseer’s decision to run for the Maglis al-Shaab (People’s Assembly), their joint decision to establish a […]

فيديو – هبة رءوف في واشنطن

Paper Presentation: “Politics of Informality: On the Power of the Public Spheres of Egypt” with Heba Raouf from ACMCU on Vimeo. While politics has long been studied from a modernist systemic approach, sociology has been trying to relate the form to relations of power, and ideologies have addressed power and thought as being in a […]